BCW aims to provide help to those small-medium sized enterprises worldwide by freely offering them BCW as support and create wonders for the globe, which is always the highest and most loyal pursuit of BCW.


Utilising DPOS consensus mechanism leads to a sharp decline in electricity consumption along with the cost of network maintenance.

Secure communication

Based on Elliptical encryption algorithm, secure communication can be guaranteed.

Fast transfer

Transfer speed between wallets has never been so fast. BCW can batch transfer 100,000 times per second.

Batch more trade volume
Fast speed
Highly efficient&energy saving
Encourage developing
The total amount of BCW is 42 million, twice than that of BTC. Among this total supply of 42 million, 17 million will be allocated to BTC holders at a 1 BTC: 1 BCW ratio,8.5 million will be allocated to BDS holders and another 8.5 million will be allocated to Ti-value holders (more details on the ratio allocation method further on). The remaining 8 million will be kept by the BDS for promotion.


Bitcoin Wonder is striving for creating wonders on the basis of a free and ideal market. It aims to provide help for small-medium sized enterprises who are interested in block chain technology and cooperation with Bitcoin Wonder.

Frequently Asked Questions

BCW is a new decentralized ledger and a new chain generated by BTC and BDS (Borderless) on cross-chain protocol. Trading on BCW is verified by witness node methodology.
Yes, in 2017, capacity of BCW hit the 'invisible wall'. The block capacity of BCW ranges from 1MB to 2048MB, which is managed through a consensus mechanism. With skyrocketing fees, Bitcoin has become unreliable, with some users unable to get their transactions confirmed, even after days of waiting.
Yes, BCW will be released on several established exchanges where BTC users can get BCW freely at a ratio of 1 BTC: 1 BCW. While the BDS users will get BCW according to the real-time value of their BDS which is calculated through BTC. In another word, the more BDS you have, the more BCW you’ll get.
BCW focuses on the promotion of mass adoption of blockchain technology in the world, hence is striving to present something with a real-world application and use-case. It aims to create wonders for users and companies in the blockchain space.
Fundamental researchers who worked on Google Maps, worked on assembly language for Fangzheng Company, experts on cipher technology developed for Bank of Communications in China, and maintenance personnel for Bitshares will be in charge of BCW together.